Welcome to Dream Big Soul Studio!

Hello, beautiful soul, I am so happy you are here! <3

You are worthy.
You are irreplaceable.
You are made of magic and light.
You are perfectly imperfect.
You are beloved.

I believe and know each and every one of those things to be true about you.
It is my hope that one day each and every human on earth will know these things to be true about themselves.
I am on a mission to teach soul care to the world, because I believe when we take care of ourselves at a soul-deep level, we not only heal ourselves but we begin to heal the world.
I believe we each have a unique blend of gifts, and if we nurture them and share them with the world we are not only living our purpose, but we inspire others to use the gifts that make their hearts sing.
I am a lightworker. I am an artist. I am intuitive. I am a joy-seeker.
These are my gifts that I bring to the table. They inspire every action here at Dream Big Soul Studio.
I create because it uplifts my spirit. I teach to share what I have learned. I use my intuition to help others find the light inside themselves that has been there all along.

I believe in magic, love, and miracles.  I believe in the power of joy and I believe that the universe in conspiring in our favor - we just have to notice the goodness.

I am an intuitive artist, an intuitive practitioner, and a joy-seeker. These three things inspire everything I create here at Dream Big Soul Studio.

My core philosophy is that of wanting to create more beauty in this world, and believing that every human is deserving of love and self care. I create art intuitively, and with the creation of every piece I also hold the intention that it will uplift the energy where it resides. Along with offering my one of a kind creations to the world, I also regularly offer soul care classes. I believe that despite every human having a unique journey, we are all more alike than different - and that we can all benefit from learning the art of self care, boundaries, and finding the light inside of ourselves.

My journey in life so far is what lead me to create this space and share myself with the world. I have experienced childhood trauma, resulting in years of living with depression and anxiety. I found my resilience in my stubborn desire to hold on to my creativity as the one light in the darkness. Through my darkest days I also knew I could not give up my belief that there had to be more to the universe than suffering, and that maybe if I looked hard enough I would one day find that magic.

Though the decade of life from my teens to early twenties often felt like more than I could handle, I made it through and learned so much along the way. It is all who held space for me and helped me through those years that have inspired me to now be that person who holds space for others, no matter where on your journey you may be.

I know firsthand that no matter what you are experiencing, there is no such thing as too much support along the way. I have learned the art of holding space for others, of teaching what I have learned, and as an intuitive practitioner I can even bring forth channeled guidance from spirit and the universe to lovingly assist you on your journey.

I believe in the power of claiming and integrating all parts of our personal journey’s story in order to live a wholehearted life. I believe that when you look and when you ask, the help you need is always available. I believe that in sharing what I have learned on my own path, because it is in discovering that we are not alone that we are empowered because we feel seen.

It is my hope that what I create and share will uplift you on your journey.


Thank you for being here.

I look forward to connecting with and working with you!

xoxo, Elizabeth Van Hala
Dream Big Soul Studio founder & creative
soul-inspired artist, intuitive practitioner, joy seeker


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