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about Dream Big Soul Studio

About Dream Big Soul Studio

The vision behind Dream Big Soul Studio is to help others connect with themselves and their story.

I am a lightworker, intuitive artist, and joy-seeker, and I use these gifts in my offerings.

I create soul-enriching courses to help you connect with yourself, whether the intention is to help you find more joy in your life or guide you on your healing journey in this lifetime. These classes are offered in small group settings, with current course offerings rotating regularly.

I also create intuitively inspired art with the intention of spreading more love and beauty in the world. I sell original artwork that I hope will invite more joy into the space it resides.

Finally, I offer private intuitive readings. Your reading could include anything from channeled loving messages from the team of guides and angels I work with, or even information I receive intuitively from your energy field I feel guided to share. Sometimes I will utilize other tools during a session, such as angel or oracle cards to bring forth more guidance.

I look forward to working with you.

xoxo, Elizabeth Van Hala


About Elizabeth

I am a believer in love, miracles, and magic.  I believe in the power of joy and that the universe in conspiring in our favor.  We just have to notice the goodness.

When I was a little girl, I was already in tune with my intuitive gifts, and equally in tune with my creativity.

As I grew older, like happens with so many other humans, I stopped believing in myself. I stopped following my intuition. I stopped creating art.

I went through a period of deep depression, which started in my teens and lasted for about 10 years. I felt lost, alone, and most days I didn't even want to be alive.

But the universe has a way of helping us find the light again, when we are ready.

A few years into my depression, I began to meet people who inspired me to find myself again.  I became good friends with someone who believed in my supernatural experiences from childhood, and began introducing me to entire communities who believed in and experienced the very things I had been running from.

I also met people who inspired me to re-awaken as an artist. It started with trying my hand at making jewelry. Then I met someone who was re-learning how to knit, and that same day I decided to buy my first ball of yarn and knitting needles. Within a couple of months, I had just the basic colors in craft paint, a multi-pack of paint brushes, a pack of scrapbook paper I'd found on sale, and some cheap canvas board. I often found it impossible to sleep at night, so in the hours of midnight through 3 a.m, more often than not I found myself creating art.

My depression and anxiety both became worse before they got better, and in my darkest days I found that art was my saving grace. I would art journal as a way of pouring my feelings, hurts, and trauma out onto paper, in hopes that maybe, just maybe, if I did enough art I could escape from my hurting.

In my last year of the depression, I didn't even realize that things were getting better. I started going to classes to learn more about humans as energy beings, to learn how to avoid soaking in everyone else's "stuff" despite being an intuitive empath, to learn reiki, to learn how to be in control of when and where and how I communicated with the dearly departed.

I was going through a spiritual awakening, and I didn't even realize until a couple of years later, around the same time I realized I was no longer living in constant fear of the monster that is mental illness.

These days I lean into the beauty of creation, allowing the natural ebb and flow of the artist within me. I now create for the joy of creating. My goal through art is to create more beauty in the world and spread more love.

I have also found ease in stepping into my role in this lifetime to be a lightworker, and enjoy bringing energies of light, love, and healing to the planet. I have trained as a direct voice channel with Laurel Bleadon-Maffei, and I now have a loving team of guides who I allow to speak through me and share their own loving energy with the world.

I am an intuitive energy worker, able to sense the energies around me. I am able to channel love and healing energy to physical spaces, and even to the human energy body with permission.

I love to blend my two gifts as an artist and intuitive together whenever possible. I channel love and healing energy when I create online courses, and use art as a medium for teaching the messages that come through. I am also an intuitive artist, bringing forth energy of love and light into the work that I create.


I look forward to working with you, whether in a class, private session, or in my free offerings through social media.

Sending love, light, and many blessings your way.

xoxo, Elizabeth Van Hala
intuitive artist, lightworker, joy-seeker