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365 Days of Art

Hello beautiful ones!

I was having some technical difficulties yesterday, so the things I planned to do on the internet... well, they wanted to wait until today. :)

A couple of weeks ago I came up with an idea for a self-directed art project, entirely for the purpose of encouraging creating every day, exploring new techniques, and diving deep into the joy of art! I have given it the obvious name of: 365 Days of Art.

I supposed I could come up with a catchier name or a more unique name, but it does the job, so I like it. :)

I decided I wanted to wait and start at the beginning of a month, so it's easy to keep track of this project, hence waiting to start on March 1, 2017. The last day will be February 28, 2018.

The only rule for 365 Days of Art is that there are no rules! If I miss a day or two throughout the year, well, that's ok. If I only spend 5 minutes one day making art, that's ok. If I spend all day making art, that's ok. I can use any medium, with the self-encouragement to have fun playing around with new ideas and techniques for this self-directed project.

I've started a brand new art journal just for this project, which I've pre-decorated the first page to prepare for the project. I usually don't use photos of myself in my art journals, which is entirely the reason I felt it so pertinent to use one on the first page for this journey: this photo fills me with joy because I remember how joy-filled I was to build my first snowman just last year at 25 years old.

This project is about finding joy daily in creating and art. 

This project is about connecting with my soul and becoming more in tune with my creative self.

This project is about letting go of expectations and intentions and just letting the art flow.

Today is day 1.

Will you join me? <3

I'll try to post here weekly about my progress for this self-guided journey.

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