Ten Tidbits of Inspiration

I wrote this list about a month ago in my journal, and today I share it with all of you <3


Ten Tidbits of Inspiration

1. Shine brightly - the world can never have too much light

2. Share love freely - say "I love you" often - to people, places, things - the world reflects more love each time love is spoken aloud

3. Sing freely - it doesn't matter who is listening, you deserve to sing your heart out!

4. Pause. Reflect. - sometimes we all need to slow down. Give yourself permission to stop and take deep breaths. Repeat as needed.

5. Be your own cheerleader - you can never have too many people wishing for good things for you - be one of those people for yourself

6. Express your gratitude - in the moments when your heart lights up the most, share that vibration - speaking gratitude can change the world

7. Laugh more - there is no such thing as too much joy - find yours and give it a sound!

8. Stop and smell the flowers - no really! Enjoy the sweet smells around you and use that often ignored sense in the middle of your face!

9. Be authentically you - who else is there to do it?

10. Spend time doing what you love - it may be easy to make excuses and never find the time, but your life is precious and even five minutes a day spent just for you will fill  your cup - you deserve these moments