Energy Forecast: January 8


*while I created a page on this site dedicated to all energy forecast updates, I have decided to also post each in its own individual blog in case you’d like to share one in particular, so this first blog post is coming to you a week after the initial channeled message*

Hello beautiful soul. We are still in the earliest days of 2019, and as with any start to a new year the energy of the planet is abuzz with possibilities and growth. While this energy is mostly human-created in the days leading up to the new year in the anticipation of the new year, that does not make it any less real or potent. The key is whether or not you choose to tune in to this energy and keep the momentum going.

As the excitement and attuned energy towards the newness of 2019 shifts back into routine and that of just-another-day, the collective will release this manifestation energy for new beginnings. If you are ready to step into a new cycle as an individual, the key is to tune in to the energy in the collective, and download and integrate it as part of your individual energy. The release from the collective fresh start is already in the beginning stages and will be felt most prominently over the next couple of weeks. The time to embrace rebirth as an individual to work with this energy throughout the year is now, because it will be harder to light this spark for transformation into the unknown as an individual that it is to sync up to the blueprint when it is part of the collective.

That is not to say that when the collective loses its connection to the energy of being ready for newness and change that the planet will stagnate. In fact, this is a year where the potential for growth and transformation and evolution of the human species has been written in the stars since before anyone alive was even born. However, most of the planet will find themselves in the timeline of evolution at what is perceived humanly possible; if one instead chooses to download the energy of possibility from the collective, your personal evolution and how you work to influence the energy of the planet is more obvious in its connection to co-creation.

The blueprint for the year ahead may have been written in the stars for many years, but there is still choice and possibility in how it will come to be. While there will be moments of reprieve from the collective heaviness that has been felt these past few years, please be aware that you are not year through the difficult stages of re-mapping the future. This is still very much a time of uncertainty, because the recent shift in the stars brought with it the choice of whether to move forward or whether to stand still. This year will be pivotal in deciding what your future as a species looks like, and it is important not to underestimate the power of each individual on deciding the fate of what is to come.

There are beings across the skies who are routing for the souls who walk this earth to find their divine light and step into the potential for new growth and a new era which awaits, but the decision at this point still must be made on a very human level. Of course it is important to remember that you come from the divine and you hold all the stars within your eyes, but it is equally important to remember that your experiences in the seemingly mundane day to day are so important to what you are meant to experience in this moment.

Please remember to hold space not only for the bigger picture, but also for this moment in time as one of many seemingly small moments experienced each day.