Energy Forecast: January 15, on the upcoming Lunar Eclipse

Super Blood Wolf Moon ,  watercolor on yupo by Elizabeth Van Hala

Super Blood Wolf Moon, watercolor on yupo by Elizabeth Van Hala


Hello beautiful soul. The energy of the upcoming lunar eclipse is already integrated into the collective, so I felt the pull to write about how this celestial event is impacting us. While everyone will experience this energy, as will all energy, in their own unique way, there are some broad general themes that are at play right now.

The lunar eclipse itself will occur this upcoming Sunday, the night of the full moon, and will be a powerful event for releasing and new beginnings.

Many sensitive souls are already feeling the early waves of energy that are proceeding the event. Some of the symptoms of this energy include feeling lethargic, depressed, anxious, easily frustrated, heightened sensitivity, memories resurfacing, withdrawn, contemplative, heightened awareness of oneself, and may even manifest as symptoms of a minor cold.

Even if you are not feeling any different from this energy, but especially if you are, these next few days are an important period for some self reflection to identify what you are ready to let go of and what new beginning you are ready to embrace and, ideally, have some kind of ceremony during the time of the eclipse. This can be as simple as stating out loud or writing on a piece of paper what you are releasing and what you are beginning, or as elaborate of a moon ritual as you feel called to perform.

While self care is always important, these next few days it is even more imperative to be mindful and gentle with yourself, as during these times of heightened energy it can be easy to project your energetic symptoms upon yourself.

The energy will wane in the days immediately following the lunar eclipse, so expect to begin to feel relief from the effects sometime next week.

In the meantime, prioritize staying hydrated and grounding yourself as your primary tools to help you navigate through this energy shift.