Easy DIY button garland

Last month a dear friend of mine sent me a box of birthday goodies. One of the items in the box? Some adorable ladybug buttons! So I decided to turn them into a cute garland to hang above my desk.


A button garland is truly easy-peasy to make. These particular buttons have loops on the back, but you could use any button with any kind of loop or holes that you want.


Supplies Needed:
-buttons! The amount you need will be determined by the length you want it to be & how far apart space your buttons
-string, yarn, cord - whatever you want to string through the buttons
-tape or push pins to hang


Step one:
One by one, thread your buttons onto your cord. Feel free to use a fun colored cord or string to help make your buttons pop! Decide if you want to knot the buttons to the cord or just do a wrap around the loop. The cord itself might determine the best option for your garland; I used a stiffer cord, so a simple wrap around the loop was sufficient, but if your cord is more stringy and flexible you may want to use knots.

example of wrapped thread around button loops

example of wrapped thread around button loops


Step two:
Decide how far apart you want your buttons to be. I chose approx. an inch and a half between each button. If you want it to be exact you can measure it out, but I just chose to eyeball it.

Step three:
String and wrap/knot enough buttons for the length you want your garland, leaving however much extra cord you want on each end.

Step four:
Hang your garland! If you are hanging it somewhere you can use push pins, tie some little loops on the ends of your cord to hang by. If you can’t use push pins, tape is a good option to hang with. I was hanging on the top of my desk, so I used tape to attach.


And that’s it! Enjoy your garland!

It truly is a quick and easy DIY project, with endless possibilities for adding a pop of color or flair to your space!

If you decide to do this project for yourself, I’d love to see! Leave a picture in the comments, or tag @dreambigsoulstudio on instagram.

Happy crafting!

xoxo Elizabeth