On going-through until you get to what comes next...

Do you ever find yourself so focused on what comes next — the next phase, the next step, the next goal — that you forget to stay present in *this* moment?

You’re not alone.


Even though I aim to stay present in each moment, there are times when I get swept away by the “what comes next” thoughts.

It’s such a comment thing we humans do, that I’m convinced it’s just so built into our psyche at this point that it is very much an every-day practice to unlearn this pattern… or maybe just an every-day life-long practice not to fall into the mind trap of constantly focusing on that next thing.

Because it seems we’re all always looking ahead to something… and don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have future-things you’re excited about. The problem is when we lose sight of the here and now and miss all of these moments in between now and next.

A recent meditation brought forth this nugget of inspiration, which I wrote in my journal as a reminder:

“The journey is inevitable. You can’t skip the going-through parts to get to the next phase. So why not enjoy the process of getting there?”

Regardless of what nexts you are looking forward to, I hope you find some joy in today’s getting-there part of the journey.

xoxo Elizabeth