This message is for you!

For the past couple of years, I have received many channeled messages from my spirit guides in my journals.... I know they are channeled messages, because I can feel that the words more flow through me, rather than me consciously deciding what to write. Until recently, these messages were just meant for me... but in the past couple of months, they've been letting me know that they are preparing me to channel messages for others...

While I am no stranger to delivering intuitively received messages to other people, channeling messages for others is something I have done less. I'm not sure why... I love allowing the messages to flow through me for those who need them. In any case, messages channeled directly from spirit are to become a regular feature. They might read differently than the intuitively guided messages that I share, but that's normal.

Without further ado, here is the first message I have been guided to share:

Dear Beautiful Soul,

What is keeping you silent? Whose voice do you think is more important than your own? Why are you hiding your wisdom and your truth> Who are you afraid will not like what you say?

Where will always be hose with a different point of view, but the point isn't to make everyone believe the same things that you do.

The point, beautiful soul, is that your heart has a message and no one can share it like you do!

Someone out there needs to hear what you have to say, and that is far too important a task to allow those who might wish to - actually silence you.

So speak up! Share your truth!

You deserve to be heard as much as anyone else in the world - no one belongs here more than you, after all.

Don't hold your words in - they can not help anyone if left unsaid, but they will hurt you if you hold them in - they want to be set free, to be filled with the breath of life, to expand in meaning as they inspire and reveal to others.

Don't worry so much, dear one - just be who you were born to be! Part of your light is through your prose. Take off those self imposed limits - set your voice free, the world is waiting for you.

With love from,
your Angels of Inspiration