Listen. Listen. Listen.

Listen. Listen. Listen. 

What is your body trying to tell you? Ask of you? Affirm to you? Are you truly listening to your body, or are you listening to societal expectations of your body?

What is your soul whispering? What truths do you need to hear about life, the universe, this moment in time? Are you living on purpose, or are you shoving down your calling in favor of striving and hustling and proving you can do more than the person next to you... when you were never meant to go through it alone?

What is the earth herself saying? What is she asking of you? What is she trying to teach you? Are you spending time in nature and connecting not only with Mother Earth, but the very essence of your being? Are you taking care and tending to our planet in a way that will allow her to tend to you in turn?

What is it that is holding your attention if not the sacred, spiritual, and soulful truth of yourself and all that exists around you?

There is a voice inside of you guiding you towards being who you are meant to be, as even with billions of people alive today there is only one of you. Are your honoring that voice of truth, and living in alignment with your soul? 

And if the answer is no, that’s okay too, because today is a new day, where new beginnings are possible, and new ways of existing at this moment in time are just one decision and action away. 

You don’t have to be perfect. Perfection is not the point. 

Instead, just do your best to live following the whispers of truth you hear, and when you don’t feel in alignment - remember the essence of life itself is never ending change, and it’s okay to change course at any point in time. 

xoxo Elizabeth