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It is Time to Share Your LIGHT!

I've been thinking a lot the past few days about what I want to write about first here at the brand new blog. I always have about a million and one ideas for things I'd love to write about, or inspiring messages I'd like to share, but there is this little thought which keeps creeping up and is the fastest way to shut down sharing anything with the world.

It is the voice of self doubt and fear, which tells me, "You are not good enough & nothing you have to say is worthwhile."

On the one hand I am well aware of EXACTLY what it is. On the other hand... what if it's right?

If you are reading this, I would take a guess and say that you are looking for more love, light, and joy in your life. You may even be looking for signs that the world is still a good place, that there is more goodness than there is suffering on this planet.

I know. I've been there too. Seeking outside of myself to find the answers, find hope, inspire joy in my own life.

Do I find what I am looking for?

I am pleased to say that I always leave these goodness-finding missions feeling like there is still so much to be hopeful for, and so many more reasons to love each other than to live in fear of each other.

But what if I told you that you, dear one reading this, have that same light in YOU that you are seeking somewhere else?

Maybe this light isn't what inspires your joy every day, because  maybe right now you have a really hard time seeing just how beautiful and vibrant that light is.

One thing I will tell you, because I am blessed to know a lot of lightworkers (it's funny how we just find each other), is that each and every one of them goes through periods of self doubt, of feeling like what they have to share with the world is nothing new and doesn't matter anyway. Who will listen to THEM, after all, when there are all of these other amazing people who they admire who are obviously so much better?

What is it called, imposter syndrome? Where you believe you are a fraud?

I think as lightworkers, and even just as human beings who want to make the world a better place, it is really easy to believe we're making it up, we're just copying what's already been done, and there is no need for our particular brand of magic in this world.

But I am here to tell you that you're wrong! And I don't like telling anyone they are wrong!

Your light is so very needed right now! You will inspire people  you never believed that you could inspire! You will inspire people without ever knowing you inspired them!

All you have to do is share your light with the world.

What is your gift? How does your light shine through?

Maybe you write inspirational blog posts. Maybe you make beautifully inspired art. Maybe you teach yoga. Maybe you simply offer an ear when someone is having a bad day.

However you reach out to your fellow humans, however you connect, this is your magic. It is so very needed right now, and your light is so unique and important. I hope you will share it with someone today.

<3, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Van HalaComment