You will find a way through.

Sometimes life is really hard. Sometimes what we are faced with feels insurmountable. Some days, giving up feels like the only possible answer.

And right now, I just really want you to know, you are not alone.

But you know that quote that goes something like “so far you have survived 100% of your bad days?” Yeah, it may feel trite, but it’s also true.

So far, you have found a way through everything you have experienced in this lifetime. And I believe that you will find a way through this too.

[image description: abstract background with words “you will find a way through”]

[image description: abstract background with words “you will find a way through”]


But I also know that when things get really hard, it can feel like even though you’ve made it through however many difficult journeys in this lifetime already, this will be the one to break you.

I know exactly how this feels, because that is where I found myself this year.

And honestly? There are still days when I’m not sure that I’m even moving forward or making any progress towards what comes after this. Finding a way through feels more like grasping around in the dark and hoping that I find something to hold on to while hoping that I’m actually heading in the right direction out of the darkness, with that sinking pit of fear in my stomach for what happens if what I find to hold onto will actually pull me further into the dark.

Despite all of this, I make the daily (and sometimes hourly) choice to hold on to the hope that I will find my way through this, too, just as I have found my way through all those other difficult journeys.

No matter what it is you are going through, no matter how impossible it seems that you will ever be on the other side of these impossible days, please remember you are not alone, and that there is always a way through.

Maybe not alone.

Probably not alone, in fact.

But just as there is a way through anything, there is equally no shame in asking for help to find your way through whatever you are facing.

xoxo, Elizabeth