Release. Release. Release.

This year I have been deep in the depths of soul work. I have gone into the deepest depths of my spirit, and unraveled all the parts of me to find how they fit together… and even to find out what was invited by me to exist as part of my essence at all.

The process has truly been going on longer than this, but at last, this year, I found myself better equipped to soul search for the Truths I’d been unable to learn before.

For several days now, the work has shifted. Instead of detangling and decoding, my new mantra, meditation, companion has become: Release, release, release.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that this need to release has been stirred up within me just before my birthday. There is something about completing one cycle around the sun and beginning another that begs us to examine, reflect, and consciously choose how we wish to move forward. Planet-wide this happens around the new year, but this is an energy we also have access to around our birthdays.

I love that my birthday falls in the middle of the year, because I the two sun-cycles I observe for my personal life are roughly equidistant in time from one another. I will be 29th on the 29th, my golden birthday, and perhaps that is why it has invited me to do deeper soul work than I have in several years. The last time I found myself doing soul work this potent was when I was pulling myself out of the deepest depths of my psyche. This time I am willingly diving in to examine every last piece of me, discarding what no longer serves me while sending it away in gratitude, and making the very conscious and decided embrace for what parts of me I will keep moving forward.

It is not just about releasing, of course. When space is made, the new can come to play. New ideas, new projects, new ways of experiencing life, new perspectives about the world and how to be a better human.

But for right now, until Saturday rings in my new personal year, I will allow for the unfolding to continue. The releasing of the Me’s who have finished with their act. The releasing of the hurts I no longer need to hold on to. The releasing of the ideas of who I should be, especially the ones I allowed others to place on me, those ones that never quite fit.

Perhaps I thought it would be enough just to put the parts of me that I didn’t need just in a box inside my mind, because then wouldn’t that be the best way to honor the pieces of me I once was?

But now I am learning that I can still show reverence and gratitude for every me that has existed in my lifetime by saying goodbye to what I will no longer use, because I have learned and grown and been shaped by each and every experience.

It’s just time to let some parts of me go.

It’s time to let some other parts of my have their time to shine.

It’s time to open the door to the possibility of who I could be tomorrow.

For today, though: release, release, release.