Happy 2018!

Happy 2018 everyone!!

Who else is happy that we are in a new year -- have you felt the huge energy shift as we transitioned from 2017 to 2018?! Talk about WOW!! There is a lightness in the collective that was not present for the past 12 months - I am so grateful for this fresh energetic perspective. ❤️

The end of 2017 was pretty hard on me: in November I was sick from a sinus infection and ear infection almost the entire month (it technically started the last weekend of October!) and then in December when I was finally feeling like myself again and finding my groove and ready to dive back into my work I broke a bone in my foot! Those last two months really wanted to teach me the important of self care and healing, and really sent me looking inward to become more in tune with myself than ever before.

While I am obviously still healing my broken bone, I am feeling refreshed and inspired. A project I've been planning just for myself is now turning into a beautiful new course I'll be telling you all about within the coming days (isn't that how all soul courses come to be?!) and I'm really excited for the journey I'm going to be guiding us through this year, should you choose to join me! (But more on that later)

Though we are still in winter which is the season that invites us to go inward, I am feeling the call to start doing regular videos again. This year I plan to really tune in to the seasons and energy, which is why one of my first videos of the year will be a drumming meditation - I've been craving the medicine of sound myself, and I feel called to share it with you too.

I am so grateful to be feeling more like myself than ever. I am equally grateful for the light filled energy of this new year, and I look forward to all this year has to offer. I am grateful to all of you as well, for allowing me this space to teach, where we can all grow together as souls, seeking the experiences that enrich and nourish our lives.

Happy 2018 everyone - I am so excited to see where we all go these next 12 months! ❤️