The Secret of "Good" Art

I’ve noticed a theme of people thinking that art is inaccessible to them or believing they aren’t creative because of this idea that to create art or create anything, you have to be “good.”

Here’s a secret - all of those “good” artists you wish you could be like? They have worked so hard on learning their craft to have that feed of exclusively “good” art you wish you could create. 


And if you think those “good” artists never make art they cringe at? I present you with “exhibit a” which I will call “a muddy mess.” I decided to try a new-to-me color palette, and this piece just looks all muddy and bleh.... especially compared to the (not pictured) piece I made right after in the SAME color palette that is vibrant and magical. This one? Yeah, I’m really glad alcohol inks can be reactivated because I’m hoping to transform it, because I do not like this muddy mess. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been making art, you will never love everything you do. It just takes a lot of practice to get to a place where you can fix your mistakes - or cut your losses without feeling down on yourself as a creative and an artist. 

So make more art. Try new things. Make bad art. Make art that you think belongs in the trash. It’s all okay. If you love creating, it doesn’t matter if it’s “good” and, secret: 99% of people have to try things more than once before it’s “good.”

And even if you make art every day for ten years and it’s still not “good” - if you enjoyed the time you spent making art, is it really time that was wasted?

We all have things we love doing that we aren’t “good” at - the key is to do them anyway, because JOY is a precious resource!!