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Do you know the feeling - when you can't stop overthinking?

I tend to be an over-thinker as it is, but some times are worse than others. The past few days have been like that for me.

I've tried to write a few different blog posts, but then I have trouble finishing them. And then I worry if I'm diving in too deep and if these topics are even what I should be writing about.

You see? Even more overthinking.

At the same time, my whole thing is that I believe through sharing our stories we can learn from each other and help each other and know that we're not alone in our thoughts of experiences or whatever it may be... so why do I have such a hard time finishing my blog posts recently?

Maybe it's because I wasn't feeling well for a couple of days.

Maybe it's because I haven't quite figured out my own thoughts, and until I do I can't finish writing them.

Maybe I'm worried there is such a thing as sharing too much.

I want to finish writing one of the blogs I've been working on tomorrow. Wish me luck. <3