Heal Your Story
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Most of us experience trauma at some point in our lives.
Oftentimes our response is to separate ourselves as much as we can from who we were when we experienced the trauma.
We ignore our wounds because it is easier to stuff away our hurt instead of fully accepting what we faced.

I can tell you that's exactly how I used to react to trauma:
the more I could pretend not to be that person anymore, the more I could pretend trauma no longer effected my life.

But we can't outrun our pain. We have to face it to heal.

There comes a point when we are ready to healing and closure.
This is where the journey to wholeness begins.
This is when we begin to reclaim our power.

When I was ready to heal from my own trauma, I searched everywhere for the answers.
But there was no clear cut path to healing and wholeness.

So I tuned in to what I needed, and made things up as I went along...
In all of the work that I did, I realized something important:

When we stop denying our past and begin to give voice to our experiences, whether speaking them aloud or even journaling at length, we take power away from the pain.

Heal Your Story is a collection of tools and exercises that I have found most helpful for doing the work of re-integrating all parts of ourselves.
This course will guide you through introspective work to heal your story and take your power back.

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Course content will be posted in a password protected private web page accessible only to course participants.
You will need internet access capable of streaming weekly lesson videos.
The only other supplies you need are paper (journal, notebook, composition book) and a pen or pencil.

There will also be an optional private facebook group where you can connect with your classmates.
I have found it can be very beneficial to have a safe space to reflect on this kind soul work.

Tuition for Heal Your Story is $77

If you would like to dig deeper on your journey, a limited number of one-hour private sessions with Elizabeth are available. Adding a private session to go along with the work you do in Heal Your Story can be utilized for identifying and releasing emotional blocks, receiving guidance from spirit guides, or even giving you a safe place to share your story - giving voice to our wounds takes away their power over us.
Select the option to add a session when you register for an additional $60, a $17 savings off the normal price of a private session.

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If you have any questions about this course, please reach out to me at

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth is a way-shower and loves to teach through lived experiences, sharing her own journey with the hope of inspiring others to keep moving forward. She draws her gifts as a creative storyteller, intuitive empath, and soul-inspired teacher to create classes to assist and uplift others on their journey through life. She believes that through helping people connect with and integrate all parts of their life story it will enable them to fully step into their light and live their most inspired life. It is her hope for every human being to realize they are worthy and beloved, exactly as they are.

**This course is not a replacement or substitute for therapy or professional medical help.
If you are seeking professional counseling or medical intervention, please reach our to trained professionals in your area.

**If you have never done any trauma work before, whether with a therapist or by yourself, I strongly caution against taking this course at this time. While the goal of the course is not to go back and relive trauma, some of the journaling exercises could bring forward unprocessed emotions. If you have never done intense and emotional soul work before, it could be an overwhelming to experience for the first time during this course. Please feel free to reach out to me at elizabeth@dreambigsoulstudio with any further questions.