Journey with a Word
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Many of us share the same practice of having a word of the year, though maybe for different reasons.
For some, it is a focus word, for others it is in an invitation for what they are seeking more of, and there are those who intuitively choose a word and see where it takes them and what they learn along the way.
Whatever the reason, our words all hold significance and importance to our journey for that year.

Do you have a word of the year?

Journey with a Word started out as a project for myself. Last year, my experience with my word of the year was so transformative that this year I wanted to document my journey. My goal is to remain intentional with my word of the year, journaling and visioning each month about what I've learned so far and where I hope to take my journey next.

The more I fleshed out the experience I wanted to have, the more I realized my soul was yearning to become more intentional about following the medicine and the wisdom in the natural cycles of our planet: the four seasons, and the cycling phases of the moon.
I want to dive deep in my exploration of my connection to the voice of our planet, and in tuning in fully to these cycles I want to become more intentional about how I ebb and flow throughout the year, including how I work with my word of the year.

By the time I finished fleshing out my self guided project, I realized that if I am this excited about this journey I am about to embark on, you might be just as excited as me! For the past week and a half I have been turning my personal project into a year long online course, and now - I am so excited to extend the offer for you to join me on this journey!

Why Journey of a Word?

In our not too distant past, human beings lived their lives following the cycles of nature, following the moon phases and living their lives based on the turn of the seasons. Today, many of us have the luxury of not needing to be in tune with these cycles, but losing our connection to them means we have lost our connection to their wisdom and medicine. We are taught the value of high productivity all the time, and as human beings we are more tired, exhausted, and burned out than ever before.

We don't have to return to the tradition of living off the land to connect once again with the cycles of our planet, cycles that our biology is still connected to, even if we have forgotten to listen.

By journeying through the year with the intention of learning the lessons of our unique word of the year while following the cycles of nature in the process, it is my hope that by the end of the year not only will we feel more connected to ourselves and the planet, but also be open to the ebb and flow of the rhythm within our own body.

Journey with a Word invites you to be intentional in working with your word of the year, while tuning in to the natural cycles of the planet as guideposts for our journey.

Journey of a Word is unlike any class I've taught before - our course begins on January's new moon, with each subsequent lesson being released every full and new moon following.

Each new moon we will begin by setting our intentions for the weeks ahead, and at the next new moon journal to reflect on our experiences.
Early on, there will be lessons talking about the energy of the new and full moon phases, to help you understand why we are following their energy cycle for our projects.
There will be lessons every season to teach you the medicine of winter, spring, summer, and fall, and learn how to ebb and flow with the unique energy each season offers.

Are you ready to dive in - journey with your focus word, while rekindling your connection to nature?

Class begins on the next new moon, January 17, 2018.
Every new and full moon this year, course material will be delivered right to your inbox. Each email will outline the new lesson and could include any or all of the following materials: access to course videos, written course material, audio downloads, journal prompts
The last lesson will be delivered to your inbox on the last full moon of the year, December 22, 2018.

The lesson prompts of Journey with a Word are applicable to any word of the year you have chosen.
While lessons are delivered every new and full moon, and it is encouraged to review lesson content and activities as soon as possible, this is a self guided course that will allow you to work with the material in whatever way works best for you.
Access to any course videos will expire on December 31, 2018, but you will retain lifetime access to all emails, written prompts, and any downloadable content

There will be an optional private facebook group you can join, which will allow you to connect with your classmates and share your experiences. This can enhance your experience in the course by having a place to share your experiences and receive feedback.

Tuition for the inaugural session of Journey with a Word is $123 for the year.
Payment plans also available. Please email for more information.

Upon completing your payment via paypal, your browser will return you to to complete your registration.

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Want to learn more about the course? Watch my Journey with a Word welcome video to see what it's all about!


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About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth is a way-shower and loves to teach through lived experiences, sharing her own journey with the hope of inspiring others to keep moving forward. She draws her gifts as a creative storyteller, intuitive empath, and soul-inspired teacher to create classes to assist and uplift others on their journey through life. She believes that through helping people connect with and integrate all parts of their life story it will enable them to fully step into their light and live their most inspired life. It is her hope for every human being to realize they are worthy and beloved, exactly as they are.