Lighter & Brighter: A Week For Uplifting Your Spirit


Do you feel weighted down by the energy in the world right now?


There has been a lot of heavy energy in the world lately.  Have you felt it too?

Maybe you've felt more tired than usual.  Maybe you've found  yourself feeling under the weather.  Maybe you've been grouchy and just wish you could get back to your perky cheerful self (or at least a self that's less of a grouch!)

You are not alone in these experiences.  There is so much unrest, so much uncertainty, more fear than ever among large cross sections of populations... it is so hard to get out from under the weight of it all when it comes to set in.

But we have to try.  Not for anyone else, but for our own spirit.

If you are ready for a free week of uplifting messages, of coming together in community, and experiencing a profound shift in your personal energy field, I invite you to join me for Lighter & Brighter: A Week For Uplifting Your Spirit.


This class actually came as a surprise to me.  I was certain that I was getting ready to offer Refresh & Renew, but there was this little inkling that I wasn't going in the right direction for the moment.  Refresh & Renew needed to wait for later...

So I got quiet, and listened for answers.  Lighter & Brighter came to me almost as this beautiful fully formed download, and I knew the angels were here with me just waiting for me to listen, so that they can share their powerful, uplifting message through me, for you!


Lighter & Brighter is a 5 day, 100% free online experience.  It will take place almost entirely through facebook.  There will be facebook live videos daily, where we speak about ways we can spread more love and joy within the world, and thus raise our own vibration.  The angels will also come through with their own personal message of hope and with daily energetic cleanses.  All videos will be made publicly on the Dream Big Soul Studio facebook page.

There will be a private facebook group, for all who choose to join, to connect and go even deeper into conversation.  To join the private group, please sign up in the link below to receive information for how to join once the class begins.

By signing up below, you will also receive a daily email of inspiration, channeled straight from the angels, as well as a direct link to the daily video after it has broadcast so you can find the replay.


The first broadcast starts Monday, December 5, with more details coming to your inbox the day before.  The angels and I all hope to see you there -- we've saved a seat just for you!