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Are you looking for an infusion of love from the Universe?

For as long as I can remember, I've had experiences that I knew just weren't "normal." When I was little, I would see colors where there "shouldn't" be colors, I saw my first ghost when I was very young, and I've found myself just knowing things about people that I logically shouldn't know. Then I started to be able to read the emotions of people around me, sometimes before even walking into a room, even with complete strangers.

In the past few years I've learned more about these gifts and how to use them to help others, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to hold sacred space with others to bring loving guidance directly from the universe.

How I work...

I am trained as a direct voice channel, which means I can energetically connect with Spirit and allow them to use my voice to bring information directly to you. While I usually channel my own team of Spirit Guides, my team often facilitates my channeling my client's Spirit Team during a session. Whoever comes through during your session, channeling will always bring forth loving guidance directly from Spirit.

During a session, I am also able to directly connect with your energy field. This allows even more information to come forward to uplift and assist you on your journey. Working directly with your energy, I am even able to facilitate communication directly from your body to you.

There is also the possibility of connecting with departed loved ones during a session. Though mediumship is not my primary intuitive skill, I have been connecting with the other side since I was very young. When asked to connect with the great beyond, I will hear messages directly from loved ones who choose to connect with me.

Ways to use a session...

Do you find yourself wondering about your life purpose, or find yourself asking "What's next?"
Do you want the chance to talk directly to your team of Spirit Guides?
Do you find yourself looking for answers beyond our earthly knowledge?
Have you been feeling stuck or overwhelmed and wondering how to move forward?
Have you been looking for someone who can hold space for where you are on your journey?
Have you been seeking intuitive coaching to assist and uplift your process?
Are you ready to release what no longer serves you?
Are you wondering how to develop or strengthen your own intuition?
Are you looking for an infusion of love directly from the universe?

Though these are just some of the ways you can utilize a session, answering YES! to any of the above indicates you are ready to book your session! Whatever the reason you are called to work with me, I am grateful for the opportunity to assist and uplift you on your journey!


I just wanted to write a positive post about Elizabeth and the powerful reading I had with her. I hadn't had a reading since 1989, and with all the changes in my life lately, I have been wanting to do one for quite some time. I saw her post on facebook, it was fate. She made me feel at ease throughout our time together, letting me know it was ok to feel my emotions (which is extremely difficult for me to do.) She helped me make some pretty serious decisions in our session- and made feel like I was important- that my life counted for something. At the end I felt (and continue to) feel like a lot of weight was lifted from me, and stand a little taller because of her. I will continue to use her services and talents in the future. If you're reading this review, and have doubts in you're life, please seek out and talk to Elizabeth- you will never regret it.
Ray, Florida
Elizabeth has an amazing intuitive gift. She shared the most beautiful, accurate and loving messages with me on a variety of topics. Everything felt spot on perfect. Her team even used my focus word of the year repeatedly which delighted my heart. You will love working with her.
Janette, California
Elizabeth is wise, gentle, intuitive... She put me immediately at ease. A lovely and gentle sense of humor... Effortlessly converses with and channels with both her team and mine. I'm so grateful she exists and is doing this work! Purely delightful, helpful, and insightful. Loved my session with her.
Sarah, Toronto, Canada

Your Session

A session with me costs $77. Each session lasts one hour and will take place via phone or skype call. To book your session, first pay here. Be sure to included your preferred contact email if different from your paypal email.


Within one business day I will contact you at the email address provided to schedule the date and time for our session. Most sessions are able to be scheduled within one week's time. You will receive an email confirmation for the date and time you have selected, as well as the number to call and how to prepare for our time together. A session begins with a blessing to bring us both into sacred circle, I will ask to connect with your energy, and from there you determine how you'd like to spend our time together.

Should you have any other questions about private sessions with me, you can contact me at elizabeth@dreambigsoulstudio.com

I look forward to working with you!