Refresh & Renew:
Bloom Where You Are Planted

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session begins June 6, 2019

Sometimes we as human beings just need a break from everything happening in the world.
We need time to turn inward, nurture our spirits, to practice being a little gentler with ourselves.

Sometimes we need a community who understands, and is going through the same thing.
We need supportive people who affirm, "Me, too," when we share our weary hearts.

Sometimes we need encouragement and accountability to practice daily self care.
We need to see that's it's ok to take the time for ourselves, and maybe even see how it's done.

Our hearts are yearning for time to restore, but you want more than just a few days away.
You want a daily practice that not only inspires you, but feels gentle and supportive.

Refresh & Renew is an online soul care course designed to assist and uplift you on your every day journey.  It is a course filled with soul-inspired lessons to encourage self care and self awareness.

The next session of Refresh & Renew begins May 6, 2019.
The theme of this session is Bloom Where You Are Planted.

This session will focus on growing your daily self care practice in a way that makes sense for your life right now. The session will last for four weeks and take place entirely through email. Every Monday you will receive a channeled message for the upcoming week, tuning in to the energy of the planet and offering a gentle message of self care to inspire you throughout the week. Tuesdays through Fridays you will receive a shorter daily email that could include self care tips or prompts, uplifting guidance, or just some inspiration for your day.

Refresh & Renew encourages a daily self care practice, and this will be a topic present in the material throughout our weeks together. Self care is the foundational tool in our lives that enables us to feel like we are taking the time to do just that: refresh and renew.

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Refresh & Renew
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There are two registration options for this class. First is the course-only option, which enrolls you in this session, Bloom Where You Are Planted. The second option is an intuitive message add-on, which means you will be registering for the course, and to receive an *email intuitive reading at some point throughout our month together.

*an email intuitive reading will allow you to send me a couple of questions in advance, and I will channel for you messages from the Universe and your spirit guides to assist you on your journey.

If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to reach out to me on the contact page!

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth is a way-shower and loves to teach through lived experiences, sharing her own journey with the hope of inspiring others to keep moving forward. She draws her gifts as a creative storyteller, intuitive empath, and soul-inspired teacher to create classes to assist and uplift others on their journey through life. She believes that through helping people connect with and integrate all parts of their life story it will enable them to fully step into their light and live their most inspired life. It is her hope for every human being to realize they are worthy and beloved, exactly as they are.