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Refresh & Renew

Refresh & Renew

Refresh & Renew
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Sometimes we as human beings just need a break from everything happening in the world.
We need time to turn inward, nurture our spirits, to practice being a little gentler with ourselves.

Sometimes we need a community who understands, and is going through the same thing.
We need supportive people who affirm, "Me, too," when we share our weary hearts.

Sometimes we need encouragement and accountability to practice daily self care.
We need to see that's it's ok to take the time for ourselves, and maybe even see how it's done.

Our hearts are yearning for time to restore, but you want more than just a few days away.
You want a daily practice that not only inspires you, but feels gentle and supportive.

Refresh & Renew is an online soul care course designed to assist and uplift you on your every day journey.  It is a course filled with soul-inspired lessons to encourage self care and self awareness.

The next session of Refresh & Renew begins on 3/5/18, and the theme is: One Day at a Time.
The idea of one day at a time is to encourage mindfulness.... intentional living.... being present.... tuning in and listening to your body, mind, spirit....
My hope for this session is that you will remember to slow down, to call your attention back to present time, and find time every day to be in the moment, right here, right now, as yourself and with yourself.

This session will consist of daily emails every Monday - Friday during the duration of class (starting 3/5 and ending 3/30).
Daily content will vary between short videos and written content, and will be sent directly to your inbox daily.
All content will be centered around the theme of "One Day at a Time" which will encourage you to be present and mindful within your life.
There will be an optional facebook group, which you are encouraged to join only if you feel called to do so.
You may wish to participate in the group if you would like to connect with others on this journey of being present.

Class is 4 weeks, with daily emails beginning on 3/5 and ending on 3/30.
All written content in emails will remain available for your individual use for as long as you wish.
Videos will be hosted on a private class webpage here on Dream Big Soul Studio, which you will continue to have access to for three months after class ends (through June 30).

This energy of this session of Refresh and Renew is already forming a beautiful sacred circle which will we all be a part of together. This session is so much more than an online course, existing as a coming-together - a place for holding space and encouragement to slow down and be present within each moment. There is not much in the way of "official coursework" for this class, rather the daily emails of prompts and topics are an invitation for you to become more aware within yourself. There may be some invitations for journaling along the way, as well as meditation prompts, and other activity ideas, but everything is optional. As always with Refresh and Renew: you are simply asked to follow your own inner wisdom based on what you learn throughout the course.

Refresh & Renew encourages a daily self care practice, and this will be a topic present in the material throughout our weeks together. Self care is the foundational tool in our lives that enables us to feel like we are taking the time to do just that: refresh and renew.

If you would like to dig deeper into your soul care practice with a one-on-one hour long intuitive session with Elizabeth, add a session during registration. A private session can help you further explore the topics you learn throughout the class, as well as identify and removes blocks in your life getting in the way of your self care. *private session will take place over the phone and must be completed by 4/4/18

Registration for this session is now closed.

*special note about the March 2018 session tuition cost*
I have decided to make this session pay-what-you-can, because I truly believe in this material and I want anyone who feels called to be able to sign up for this session. I truly believe in the power of being present and living with intention, and often times it is easier for us as humans to remember to stay in the present when we join together as a group and don't have to figure things out alone.
Tuition is ordinarily $55 with the option to add on a private intuitive session for an additional $60 (a $17 savings off the normal cost of a reading). Pay-what-you-can options begin at $40 and increase in increments of $10, with the option to add a private session starting at $100.
Bonus offer: for just this session I am including the option to receive a personalized, written, intuitive love note from the universe to anyone who selects a pay-what-you-can option between $60-90, to be delivered to your inbox before 4/4/18.

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While planning for this session, a friend of mine who is chronically ill came down with an infection. In an otherwise healthy person this wouldn't be a big deal, but due to her health conditions she will be ill for months - and in need of medications, treatment, and care outside of her budget. I have decided to donate half of the proceeds from this session of Refresh & Renew to my friend so that she can focus on getting well instead of worrying about finances.

If you have any questions about the course, please feel free to reach out to me at elizabeth@dreambigsoulstudio.com

About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth is a way-shower and loves to teach through lived experiences, sharing her own journey with the hope of inspiring others to keep moving forward. She draws her gifts as a creative storyteller, intuitive empath, and soul-inspired teacher to create classes to assist and uplift others on their journey through life. She believes that through helping people connect with and integrate all parts of their life story it will enable them to fully step into their light and live their most inspired life. It is her hope for every human being to realize they are worthy and beloved, exactly as they are.