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Welcome to Dream Big Soul Studio!

Hello <3
I am so happy you are here!
My name is Elizabeth, and I am the creator and founder of Dream Big Soul Studio.  I am a lightworker, an artist, an intuitive practitioner, and a teacher. 
It is my hope to inspire you to connect deeply with yourself, your gifts, and your story, so that you in turn can turn your big dreams into a reality.
My main canvas of choice here in the Studio is soul-enriching online courses.  These courses are designed to be taken in small online groups, encouraging deep, meaningful connection among the participants, creating a safe space for sharing and learning.
I am a huge believer in the power of sharing your story.  In my blog, you will find I share much of my own story and experiences.  When you take an online course, you will have the opportunity to share your own in a safe environment filled with kindred spirits.
By embracing our own story and sharing it with the world, we can overcome anything, and inspire hope and light in places where there once was darkness.